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Summer Camp & Puppet Show!

We're super excited to announce our Summer Camp in South Kensington! Suitable for beginners through basic level.

Dates: Mon 31st July - Friday 4th August 10am-3pm each day

Location: Kensington. W8 5RQ.

Focus: Asking, replying & positional phrases. Students will learn to ask where objects are and to answer using positional phrases (on, under, next to etc). Students will also expand on directional and object name vocabulary. Each day will include reading, writing, listening and speaking as well as role play culminating in a traditional Taiwanese Puppet Show!

Pricing : £65/day or £60/day for 5-day bookings 10% sibling discount

----------------------------------------- Image Credits (via Wikimedia Commons): - Chia Ying Yang from Taichung, Taiwan. - Yang Yu Ching / Office of the President - Lanbu


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