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Summer Term 2024 

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We run Chinese classes in easy reach of Putney, Fulham, Chiswick, Kensington, Wandsworth, Wimbledon, Southfields, Ealing, New Malden and Kingston, but if you'd rather learn online just let us know!

Gōngchē Bān (公車班)

Saturdays 9am - Online

Ideal for complete beginners. We teach basic conversation through introducing foundational vocabulary and embedding it through songs & games. We also start to introduce the basics of Chinese characters via Zhùyīn ( 注音) or Pinyin (漢語拼音).

Huǒchē Bān (火車班)

Saturdays 9am - Online

Sundays - 1pm - South Kensington


Ideal for those children with some basic knowledge of Chinese. There is some initial overlap with the later content of our Gōngchē Bān beginners class, but this should be covered off quickly before moving on to the core syllabus of Huǒchē Bān.

Fēijī Bān (飛機班)

Mondays 5pm - Online
Tuesdays 4:30pm - Putney, SW15
Saturdays 9am - Online


Ideal for those children with good foundational knowledge of Chinese. As well as continuing to teach daily conversation topics we start to work on more complex sentence structures, and practice writing via daily diary entries.


Mondays - 4:30pm - Online


We use a similar class format as Fēijī Bān but with a focus on those topics covered at GCSE by AQA and EdExcel exam boards. These classes are tailored to meet the needs of students who are considering taking (or who have already selected) Chinese at GCSE level.



Classes held at Christ Church, Victoria Rd, Kensington.

W8 5RQ


Classes held at 'A Little Me Time', 58 The Mall, Ealing Broadway, W5 3TA


Classes held at St Cecila's School, Southfields. Wandsworth.

SW18 5JR

New Malden

Classes held at the Graham Spicer Institute
15 Dukes Ave, New Malden, Surrey. KT3 4HL.


Surrey. KT1.
Full address available
on booking


Classes held at St Mary's Church, Putney High St, London SW15 1SN

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